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We do not have any support for cash games and we are not a gambling entertainment site. Our games are designed for ages 18+ to ensure that we do not contribute to problem gambling. Our games are a safe and fun virtual exchange. Join Caleb Dewey, where fun entertainment is our main objective. Terms of Use.


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About Us

Behind every addictive game lies a creative trail Caleb Dewey is an enthusiastic team dedicated to creating unique social games that connect millions of players in a virtual world.

Caleb Dewey started their journey with the goal of changing the perception of social gaming. We believe that games should not only be fun, but also creative, inspiring and uplifting. Our team is made up of experienced developers, designers and idealists; a group of like-minded people who strive to create game worlds where every player is part of a unique story.

Caleb Dewey is not just a company, it's a hotbed of ideas and creative concepts. We explore new aspects of virtual worlds and bring innovation and diversity to our projects. Our games are not just entertainment, they inspire people to break new ground in the world of social gaming.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency, accountability and continuous improvement. Our goal is to create virtual adventures that leave an indelible mark on the player's mind. We value the community around our projects and see it as a key element of our success.

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