Pushing Boundaries: Unveiling Slice Mind's Journey

In the ever-evolving landscape of insurtech, we’ve always stood out for our innovative approach towards leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the core of our success lies Slice Mind, an AI/ML component that has continuously driven our advancements in technology and insurance solutions. In our journey from early experimentation with data to the present-day […]

The Art of Distribution

In the realm of insurance, acquiring appropriate coverage for underserved markets and certain types of work, such as Artisan Contractors General Liability, can often prove to be a daunting task. Many insurance companies have been shying away from providing coverage for this particular field, leaving small businesses in a bind. However, we’ve stepped up to […]

Expanding Coverage to Fill the Gap

The specialty (also know as E&S) markets represent a growing segment of the insurance industry, as risks become more complex and the need for specialized coverage grows. To address the needs of underserved small businesses in the specialty markets, we use our platform and products to provide coverage that is tailored to the specific needs […]

On-demand Insurance. Where Are We Now?

Since our beginnings, we’ve been building on-demand, fully digital insurance products. For us, on-demand is an experience. You tap on a button and an Uber shows up – insurance should be that easy. From our early days with homeshare, cyber, travel, and more, with partners like Progressive, AXA XL, and Microsoft, we’ve been shifting the […]

Insurance for an anytime, anywhere world.

Ecosystems will generate $60 trillion in revenue by 2025—which will constitute 30 percent of global sales in that year, according to McKinsey. This rise of ecosystems and digital platforms offers carriers an opportunity to take on new roles and new sources of revenue. The future of distributed insurance is embedded, and we understand that insurers struggle […]